Montana Agricultural Investments

Making an investment in Montana agriculture, land or ranches, will be among the most rewarding investments one can make, both financially as well as through enrichment and enjoyment. We are realists and understand that economics can sometimes stand in the way of these values. Our goal is to simplify and present the potential of agricultural investment through logical and realistic return projections based on real data, whether it is through wheat, hay, cattle or other agricultural means.

montana agricultural investment - heifers

Our Montana Grasslands Heifer Project was designed to provide value for our land and cattle customers as well as ourselves.

Our Montana Grasslands Heifer Project is a proven way to:

  • Harvest grasslands profitably
  • Enjoy being part of a working cattle operation with the backing of a proven program
  • No full-time ranch manager needed
  • Limit the amount of investment in what rusts, rots and depreciates
  • Holistically profiting from your ranch while substantially increasing it’s overall ranch value
  • Operate on a 1 year business cycle
  • Leverage your tax advantages

Montana agricultural investment - wheat

For a Wheat Land Investment Analysis on the Big Sky Wheat & Grasslands Unit or others like it, please call us at (406) 962-3310 or email

Holistic Grass & Livestock Management Can Significantly Increase Ranch Returns over Conventional Practices

Montana agriculture investments - cattle
Purchased in 2008, these land buyers were told they could only run 200 cow/calf pairs or 500 yearlings. They now run 1,500 yearlings with grass leftover to expand to 2,000 yearlings.
Montana agricultural investments - blue heron
The previous owners would have laughed if told this ranch would become the home of Nesting Blue Herons and Beaver. The ranch supports large populations of both species.

















We recommend you talk to your own independent consultants, accountants and lawyers regarding your risks in any type of agricultural investment.