The Mattson Place on Bootprint Ranch

Property Type: Ranch

What We are Selling .. Montana Land Facts

  • This is a very unique Conservation Easement where the buyer will receive a deed to a 160 acre private homesite where they can build their own home. With this the buyer receives recreation rights (including hunting) to The Mattson Place on the Bootprint Ranch, which includes 2,300 deeded and 2,080 leased acres. There is an old homestead on the 160 acre homesite with a well.
  • The Conservation Easement allows for recreational rights to the buyer which include hunting, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking on The Mattson Place.
  • The Seller will retain all grazing rights to the ranch, except for the buyer’s 160 acre private homestead.  This provides the buyer with a valuable deed and amenities of ranch ownership without all the maintenance and expenses of owning a large ranch.

General Description of the Land

  • The Mattson Place lays on both sides of the bench that separates the Musselshell drainage from North Willow Creek.  Running along the south edge of this bench is a sandstone bluff, used by Natives as a pishkin.  To the north, the country breaks into rolling pine hills and draws, drained by a number of small unnamed tributaries.  The tributaries come together north of the hills on the BLM land and from there flow to the North Willow Creek.

Wildlife and other Ecological Resources

  • The Mattson Place includes ponderosa pine forests, outcrops of sandstone and shortgrass prairie.  The prairie grasslands are healthy which provide excellent habitat for elk, mule deer and antelope. Historically, the deeded lands of The Mattson Place have received much less hunting pressure than the nearby pubic lands and adjoining ranches, providing good opportunities for a very limited number of hunters each year.
  • A number of birds species can be seen on the ranch … Sprague’s pipit, McCown’s longspur, chestnut-collared longspur are found on the prairie. Rock wren, white-throated swift, cliff small and poorwhill inhabit the sandstone bluffs. Solitary vireo, northern flicker and piñon jay can be found in the ponderosa pine. Raptors include golden eagle, marsh hawk, ferruginous hawk, red-tailed hawk, prairie falcon, merlin, American kestrel and rough-legged hawk.

The Conservation Easement

  • A conservation easement is the strongest measure a landowner can take to protect the natural and agricultural character of a property.  Conservation easements are perpetual restrictions on certain land uses, granted to and enforced by non-profit organizations known as land trusts.  The Mattson Place easement is granted to the Montana Land Reliance, arguably the leading regional land trust in the nation.  The easement limits development of the ranch to 1) One private homesite in Section 34 which is already sold and built upon; 2) Second private homesite in Section 12 which we are offering for sale now; and 3) A building envelope in Section 6 for the ranch owner for a future ranch headquarters which is not currently in planning.
  • The only commercial activities permitted are ranch and sustained-yield timber harvest.
  • The conservation easement will be recorded with the deed to the ranch, at the time of closing on the parcel which is offered for sale. The buyer will be a party to the conservation easement. The easement document will be available to purchaser for review.

Legal Description of the 160 Acre Homesite

  • NW 1/4 of Section 12, T9N R27E


  • 15 miles east of Roundup on Highway 12, N Delphia Road apprx 4 miles all the way to end … thru gate … 1/2 mile and property starts OR from Allen Road OR from Highway 87 on Gage Road.
  • Address: Roundup, Montana 
  • Price: 329000 
  • Acreage: 4380 
  • Highlight 1: Enjoy Large Ranch Ownership w/out Maintenance or Expense! 
  • Highlight 2: Hunt & Enjoy Large Ranch! Build your own Homestead!