Melinda Jeffrey

  • Thistledew Land and Ranch Brokerage was founded nearly 25 years ago as a result of my own personal love for the land and ranch business. Since then I have worked with a wide array of clients including multi-owned family estates, partnerships, corporations, significant development organizations and family cattle operations …completing thousands of transactions, including hundreds of 1031 Exchange transactions. It is a genuine pleasure to help clients buy and sell the properties they love.

  • It was my father whom instilled in me the value of hard work, old-fashioned values and ethics. As a well known excavator for over 40 years, he was commonly known as the “Dirt Doctor.” His experience gave me a real respect for land and land management.

  • Over 20 years ago I was exposed to the cattle industry and the beauty of Montana … it became my passion and my business focus. Today our ranch is about developing comprehensive, common-sense genetics that take the guesswork out of breeding decisions and land management.

  • My goal is share my years of experience, provide significant value and returns while enjoying fantastic relationships … to help you “BUILD YOUR OWN LEGACY”.

Christopher Jeffrey

  • I was raised with Angus Cattle, worked hard and was free. As a veterinarian’s son I witnessed a multitude of desirable and less desirable agricultural management. My father’s mentorship has proved to be valuable and correct.

  • With an education in Economics and Finance I pursued a career as a stockbroker and homebuilder which proved highly valuable but unfulfilling. Land and cattle is where I belong. In building this Land & Cattle Company I served as a consultant to many purebred Angus breeders in Michigan, Texas and Montana and had the privilege to work with some of the breeds most dominate beef genetics.

  • My values foster love of land and cattle to provide a future for our children, our clients and ourselves. Our lifestyle and legacy of land & cattle runs in our blood.

  • My greatest value lies in my ability to identify with our clients’ needs and align property type and value to appropriately meet their goals.